Tips for Making a Quality Animation Demo Reel-Complete Guide

In this blog, you can learn the best tips for making a Quality Animation Demo Reel. I will show you where you can publish this animation demo reel.

Stepping into the crazy world of animation is no brainer than surviving and battling your way to the top. The animation industry is heated with competition from reputable entities and skilled creators.

Every other professional is striving to come up with the most innovative technology to present his or her artwork.

“Animation Demo Reel”

Animation with its ability to engross the attention of a target viewer has been in the buzz lately. Many digital marketing firms have begun using it as their potential marketing asset, which has ultimately opened avenues for starters, and animators.

It’s high time for you to mark your spot among the influential animators by opting to techniques that can generate more fruitful outcomes.

One such technique is to produce an appealing and appropriate Animation Demo Reel. You must know how to advocate about your skills and hidden talent.

Your prospective employer knows nothing about the greatness you carry within and it’s your responsibility to highlight your own attributes honestly and properly. So, now follow the below-mentioned guide and master the technique to make a compelling video Animation Demo Reel.

There are different software available for making Animation Video and Explainer animation video software.

Follow the below tips for creating a good quality animation demo reel.

Θ Extract Your Greatest Hits

First of all, your animation demo reel is the ultimate source that gives an idea about your work. It’s your “the only” channel to demonstrate your portfolio. You have to act smart and pick the work that is flawless and proficient among all.

You have to choose your greatest artwork to add in the animation demo reel. The employers in the animation industry have to go through loads of portfolios before shortlisting any animator.

They work with the aim to choose the most professional animator. Therefore, it’s good to throw your best shot and present your finest animation to win their heats. Note that the first few seconds of your animation demo reel should be compelling enough to speak volume about your capabilities and skills.

Θ Keep a Tap on its Duration

The standard duration of an animation demo reel is three minutes. You must not exceed the range, as it will increase the chance of boredom and distraction among the viewers.

Your demo is more like your commercial. You have to see what kind of audience you are about to please and the level of work that could amuse them along with checking the duration suitable for the video.

You need to ponder on the prime goal out of your reel and that is to present you talent establishing an emotional bond with the producer thereby convincing him to hire you. To be able to create the reel based on the standard grounds you only have to add your most compelling artwork.

In this way, you will able to offer the richness of creativity in less time. Among the two most prominent aspects of a successful demo reel, selection of work and duration of the reel enjoy the leading spot.

Θ Presentation

Give every single area the time and efforts it deserves. When preparing your animation demo reel you have to look closely and delve into each aspect to observe its impact on the employer.

When it comes to working on enhancing the presentation, you have to add elements and aspects that can improvise the effectiveness of the animation demo reel.

For instance, do not add annoying music or background sound. Keep things look more sophisticated and professional. Avoid using extra pompous sounds like drum roll over the appearance of your name or something too childish. You have to show your elevated standard of professionalism.

Moreover, write the description for the animation demo reel adding the details of individual shots and the information they showcase. Your demo should be complete and organized properly. Every category or project must be titled briefly and presented appealingly. Make sure you don’t let your viewers do the digging to understand your demo. You have to keep things clear and compelling.

Θ Be Honest

In the corporate world, there are people who present themselves as the most superior professionals when in reality they are not. You must not put yourself at a position you don’t deserve to be. You must not keep your employers in dark rather bluffing about your capabilities.

If you want to generate fruitful outcomes, in the long run, you must know the real techniques to achieve your aims and to advocate about your abilities. Sometimes, animators work in groups and team where each member shares a certain piece of work.

If you have attempted such projects and wanted to add them in your portfolio, you need to mention only the part you played. It’s not acceptable to take the entire credit on your shoulder when your involvement was merely 10%.

Θ Highlight Your Aim

To make an effective animation demo reel among the other aspects, making the purpose of your demo clear is imperative as well. You must not be adding the clarity in your message as to what kind of job or project you are in search for.

Your artwork must be precisely clear about your preferences. You cannot expect your employer or target company to crack down your requirements. You need to spit out your conditions and level of standards you are hoping to receive.

Θ Platform to Post

Soon after finalizing your animation demo reel and checking it from every angle, you must search for reputable platforms to post your reel. The internet is full of many platforms that can give you instant exposure to some of the leading entities and companies.

You just have to do a little digging or follow the list mentioned below:


This is by far the leading platform to showcase your creative skills through a video or a short animation demo reel. The platform caters users belonging to different corners of the globe.

It facilitates users with the option to follow channels and posts and indulge in activities. You can easily upload or share the content on any social media sites. With the facility of efficient uploading and downloading, the platform is rich with talent.


This is considered as the most influential and biggest platform for video content. It appreciates and welcomes the talent of enthusiast globally. Users can make tier own channels to upload different videos, which are visible to a million other subscribers efficiently.

Moreover, if your video gets more likes and views you might even get success rolling in your bank account. You can freely present your masterpieces and get the exposure from premium agencies and authorities.


It has a refreshing interface with easy to follow functionality. The platform is famous among millions of followers and many companies prefer searching for talent on the site.

It offers free and premium packages. The facilities for the free account are limited yet beneficial enough to give you the right amount of exposure. As per the free action plan, you can upload more than fifty best projects.


This is one of the renowned places for animators and designers. The platform is absolutely free of cost and one can upload as many as he can. Being on this platform makes it super easy to gather recognition and enjoy exposure to many great opportunities.

The platform is dedicated to animators and creative artist; therefore, it always has the potential to cater to professionals with what they truly desire.

The Need to Have an Animation Demo Reel

Benefits of creating an animation demo reel are far-reaching. You get the chance to present and explain yourself. It is a medium to bring your employer a step closer to your capabilities and make him see your skills. The demo reel speaks about your personality and tells the employer about your potentials. It guides(3D Animation Rendering Company) your standards and preferences for projects.

The animation demo reel wipes of the shreds of confusions and doubts. It makes you able to pitch for positions and projects you have been hoping to get.

Moreover, it is the best technique to bring together your work efficiently. So whenever you get caught up in sending your proposal, you do not have to waste time in shuffling the files.

You can simply send your demo reel and wait to witness the wonders. Lastly, your demo reel will display how dedicated and organized you are when it comes to our profession.

Wrap Up

Know the significance your demo reel holds and the outcomes it can generate in your professional life. You must know the capabilities of creating a demo reel for your employer before dipping your hands in the production. Keep one thing in mind that when making a demo reel, look around yourself and observe how others are working.

Grab some influential tips from experts and prepare your masterpiece. You must put your best foot forward and evaluate your work before uploading.

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