How to remove bike chain without tool (with video tutorial)

There are different method is available for bike chain removal. I will show you different bike chain removal tool with picture and video tutorial. During the running of a bike, the chain will stretch after some time. if we not tight this chain then it will come out from the sprocket of bicycle or bike. it leads to making an accident also.

If your bike chain of 12 link length is more than 10 inch that indicates that your chain is worn out. you have to replace your old chain with a new chain.

Sometimes we need to make the Electric bikeMotorized Bicycle in bike that time we need to remove or shorten the chain link.




To remove the chain from bicycle need some tool. it can also be removed by some jugad if you do not have that tool. I will show you both the method to remove and shorten the bicycle chain.


How to Open/shorten Bicycle Chain




To remove the bicycle chain we need to find out the master link of a chain. It looks little different than other links. if you do not find than clean your chain first. I show you picture below of master link.


Master Link of Chain





Master Link is removed by inserting link pliers between both ends of a master link and push the pliers in so pin of the link it comes towards and comes out of the plate.

pliers for Master link remove


you can also use simple pliers having a narrow end.


simple Pliers for master link removal


When master link removed it can look like.

master link



The chain has number of parts:-

  1. Pin
  2. inner Plate
  3. outer plate
  4. Roller


Chain Parts



Chain breaker tool is used for the open the chain link. Chain breaker will push the pin from chain link and it will disengage the two link. so you can remove some link that you have to shorten. also, you can fit those pin with the help of chain breaker tool by inserting pin between the plates.


chain breaker tool


How to open Chain Link without chain breaker tool

If you don’t have a chain breaker tool than you don’t worry. you only need below three parts to remove chain link.

  1. Nut
  2. Pin
  3. Hammer

Put the chain link above the nut. That chain pin must coincide with nut hole. Put the sharp edge pin on the pin of the chain and then apply the hammer force on sharp edge pin and that chain pin will come out from a plate of a chain.


bike chain removal tool


you can also see this by video tutorial below



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