Buy Automatic Writing Machine for Science Fair Project

homework writing machine for buy writing machine

Before Buy automatic writing machine you need to see below blog. This Automatic writing machine is working like a CNC (Computer Numerical Control) Machine. This Automatic Writing Machine very useful project for School and Engineering student who does that preparation for Science fair project.


This machine is manufactured with the help of Stepper motor, Servo motor, and two-axis stepper motor driver.


homework writing machine for Buy Automatic Writing Machine for Science Fair Project




Regular – 300 mm x 300 mm (one X & one Y Axis) –  9000 INR

Medium- 400 mm x 300 mm  (one X & two Y Axis) –  11500 INR

Large  –     400 mm x 400 mm (one X & two Y Axis) – 12500 INR

                                                       [email protected]


How to buy an automatic writing  machine


To buy this machine mail your contact detail(Name, Country, City) on-     [email protected]





It can be used for the student of engineering and school student to make their science fair project.

Any Artist can draw an outline diagram for their work.

The principal can use as a sign the certificate.

Write anything in Smartphone case cover.

A student can draw their outline of a sketch. also, they fill up a color in it.

The student does their homework with this machine at home.







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