Electrical Tools and Equipment to make Electrical & Electronic Project

Electrical Tools and equipment must have with the electrician, technician or electrical engineer. I show you electrical tools with name, pictures, and uses.

There are a number of electric tools and equipment available in the market. All these tools to buy is very costly to make any electric projects. In this blog, you can learn the best electric tools that must have with electrician, technician, or electrical engineer.

I will also provide you the link from where you can buy this tool at a very cheap rate. I give this cheap price through my research work on the internet. so you do not need to go with other websites and wasting of time to search for it.

“Electrical Tools”

Electrical Tools

I am also making DIY Electric projects on my YouTube channel creativity buzz. you can see the different video tutorial in YouTube channel. Here I will show you which Electric tools I used in my project to make these projects successful.

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Checkout the following electrical tools required for making any DIY Projects.

#1 Hot Glue Gun

Glue Gun is used for the stick any surface fast and without any difficulty. It can stick the circuit with any surface like wooden or acrylic surface. Hot glue gun melts the plastic stick and that melt material when dry it will stick that parts together.

hot glue gun as electrical tools

The capacity of the hot glue gun depends upon the type of watt of the gun. If the watt of the gun is higher than it will melt the fast. If your use is very high than must use the higher watt glue gun.

I use the 150W hot glue gun in my video to make DIY projects.

#2 Soldering Irons

It is used for the soldering the circuit or solder the circuit joints. To make any electronics projects you have to require the soldering skill.

To do soldering is a not difficult task. you can do it buy a little reading or watching soldering videos.

Soldering Irons

Before buying soldering irons you need to consider the following factors:

  • Wattage: Less wattage soldering irons take more time to heat
  • Temperature control: Depend on work we need temperature control
  • Tip Compatibility: Different tips required for different work
  • Holding Stand: While doing other work put it on the stand
  • Application: If you working daily than you have to select soldering irons as per your workload.

There is a different type of soldering irons available in the market. you can buy it as per your requirements.

  1. Pencil Soldering irons: In this, we can not adjust the temperature.
  2. Adjustable pencil soldering irons: you can adjust the temperature
  3. Cordless Irons; When soldering required at far of plug.(movable)
  4. Soldering Station: In that, you can adjust the current and get it with solder iron holder

#3 Wire Stripper

To make any projects or electric work you have to strip the wire cable many times. I use the self-adjusting stripper for my projects. it will help me to do fast work.

Self Adjusting stripper as Electrical tools

Self Adjusting Stripper

#4 Wire Cutter

This tool is very essential and you must have this in your hand. you can buy this from below link.Wire Cutter as Electrical tools

Wire Cutter

#5 Screw Driver Set kit

It will be used for opening and fitting of any electrical product or machine.  I use the 30 different shapes of the tip so it can open any screw. This Screwdriver handle is magnetic that’s why it very precise work you can do.

you can buy this from below link. it’s very cheap to buy.

Screw Driver Set kit as Electrical tools

Screw Driver Set

#6 Tweezers

This is very useful during holding small electronics component while soldering.

TweezersTweezers as Electrical tools

#7 Multimeter

When Circuit is not working that time to check whats problem is very difficult. Multimeter can find the faulty wire in circuit and it will save your more time.Multimeter as Electrical tools


Features of Multimeter

  • Auto-range multimeter is very good for beginners. with this it can not required to predict the reading
  • Data Hold for last reading. so no need to memorize the reading
  • Light in LCD will useful during taking reading at dark place 
  • Auto Power off will save the power of multimeter

#8 Breadboard

It will used during prototyping of your electronic projects. When you start to make projects you must need this breadboards.

Breadboard as Electrical tools


#9 Jumper Wires

If you are making Electronics projects than you must have jumper wires. It will used for the connect the component. 

I will suggest you to buy

  • Male to Male
  • Female to Female
  • Male to female 

Jumper wires as Electrical tools

Jumper Wires

#10 Resistor

This Component always required in electronic project to increase resistance of circuit. This Component is very cheap in price. As per my opinion you can buy the full range of Resistor. when you required at that time you can find it quickly.

Resistor as Electrical tools


#11 LEDs

It will always used in many electronic projects for indication purpose and decoration purposes. I will suggest you to buy the different set of color LED.

LED as Electrical tools


#12 Push Buttons Switch

This component is must used in projects to on and of the power supply. This component also cheap in price so you can buy it in bulk.

Push Buttons Switch

Push Button Switch

#13 Sensor

This Sensor is very useful parts for Arduino Projects. Different type of sensor is available in market. you can buy it as per your requirement.

Read: Types of Sensors

Types of Sensors


#14 Arduino Starter Kits

Now a days many student is making Arduino projects. There are different type of Arduino Boards is available as per its functionality. 

If you are beginners of Arduino Projects than visit this blog for more information about Arduino Projects Ideas

To make any Arduino Projects it need some component that you can buy it from below link given.

Arduino Starter Kits

Arduino Starter Kit

I hope you like the all detail of Electrical tools and equipment. If you have any suggestion than comment it below. If you like my work than share with your friends.

This article is update when i used something new electrical tools.

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