How to make an explainer animation video with the help of best software

To make an explainer animation video is very useful in advertising your business. There are many software used for making explainer animation video. In this blog, I will show you all the step involve to make explainer animation video with which software you can use easily.

Explainer video used for identifying the business services and solutions of the company to analyze the essential elements of the products.

Most of the companies adopted these practices for communicating the key message to their customer as an approach for communicating the key elements for presenting business key ideas or products features.

What is an Explainer Animation Video?

Explainer animation video are short length videos that show a company’s story or explain their products & services in specific target.

You can find different explainer animation video made from digital drawings, hand drawings or live action, the maximum explainer video tend to be animated.

The Explainer animation video generally has one motive to show who you are and what you offer in an easy and systematic manner.

Explainer Animation Video Software

The Explainer animation videos are an easy way of showing ideas and deliver information to your audience.

Leveraging the power of visual graphics can help you to raise your startup business or improve your product conversions.

Here is the list of the best explainer animation video software to create attention animated videos and improve your marketin.

#1 PowToon

As much with those tedious Powerpoint presentations? PowToon is a free online software to Create animated explainer videos with PowToon.

They have some really cool ready templates to produce best-quality animations. Their “drag and drop” really easy to use and without any skill technical knowledge.

As per my opinion, Powtoon is best animation explainer video maker. you can see below video for how to use free PowToon in your computer.

#2 Wideo

This is not just another drag and drop explainer animation video software. This is my personal favoured right now.

In Wideo you can get 1300 images and 50+ music tracks, you will create full HD explainer animation videos at easy way.

#3 Animaker

With 5 different video styles and 120+ different types of animations, Animaker enables you to make really best explainer animation videos for your product.

This Do-It-Yourself software is also to use.

Their typography & infographic template form would be useful for content marketers.

#4 Vyond

Vyond isn’t free, but it sure isn’t an common animation editor as well.

This online animation software is fastest with worthy output. I like their background setting and characters. These templates are fun to watch and are highly transform for sure.

#5 Biteable

The Biteable claim that it is to be “The World’s Simplest Video Maker”. In this light and minimal designs.

Biteable is free version is more than sufficient to make great explainer videos.

It creates HD quality videos and directly publishes it to your YouTube channel also.

Disadvantage of this is you get a watermark. To remove the watermark you need to buy premium version of $99 USD/year.

Whiteboard animation explainer video Software

This Whiteboard animation is very useful for educational purposes. If you are planing to make attractive presentation than follow below creative whiteboard animation software.

#6 RawShorts

If you are looking for a DIY whiteboard animation explainer video maker, you should prefer RawShorts first.

What you will love about this software is their creative graphics templates in different a lot of categories.

#7 VideoScribe

The VideoScribe allows you to create “attractive, high-definition, whiteboard-style animation videos. You can make whiteboard videos with no design or technical knowledge”.

The thing I like the most about VideoScribe is that it permits you to edit and make animated whiteboard videos with the help of royalty-free images and music.

Videoscribe is best animation explainer video creator for whiteboard animation explainer video software.

#8 MySimpleShow

Alternative of a marker or a pen drawing in a whiteboard animation, sketching a hand dragging elements across the screen and swiping them away.

#9 Moovly

Moovly allows you to add your own audio clips & pictures inside the explainer video that can be used to create your whiteboard animation.

Its accurate editing tools so I will suggest using for you.

Animated explainer video company

To make professional explainer animation video is a little hard for you. But you can find out a different alternative for you on the internet.

you can find out the animated explainer video company which help you to make the explainer animation video as per your requirement.

We will do hard work for you to choose an awesome animated explainer video company and you get cool animated explainer video service.

  • Yum Yum Videos
  • Epipheo Studios
  • Sandwich Video
  • Demo Duck
  • Thinkmojo
  • Explainify
  • Switch Video
  • Grumo Media
  • Wyzowl
  • Blink Tower

Before make the order you have to check out the quality, expertise,communication,customization,feedback and price of different company.

you can also make 3d and 2d explainer video from the above list of animated explainer video company.

Animated Explainer Video cost

Cost of making animated explainer video is depend upon to main two factors.

  • Video Length
  • Video Style

Any Animated explainer video service provider is taking pricing based on the length of the video, especially per minute.

If you are looking for a 3D animation explainer video than you should pay higher. The company can also make custom animated explainer video.

Essential elements of Explainer video

The developers of explainer video require to closely work with the client to accomplish its task for generation of video explainer.

This process support for applying the well-developed video that satisfies customer need.


This is based on identifying business need and value for the customer.

This supports for uncovering the core business idea through video.


This is associated with the conversion of idea in properly developed script with the perfect pitch for a duration of 60 to 90 seconds that use across different channels.  

Scripting for explainer animation video


 It is important to provide the quality of content for providing a review to customer including addition of frames, styles and theme boards.                  

Storyboards for explainer animation video


With the explainer video, it is important to add voice over that is best suited for the business. It is crucial for presenting the business an effective manner.  

Vocals for explainer animation video

Animation & Sound

Based on the imaginative idea of business to turn the idea into an explainer video

Animated Explainer Video Production

The process of video explainer takes time to develop due to the intervention of different elements in it. The time of explainer video animation production includes contain the complexity of work that generates the flow of work, develop a channel of communication among different parties for managing parties in the workflow that develop discussion for the compilation of video.

The process of animated explainer video production presented in the following.

Animated Explainer Video Production
Animated Explainer Video Production Process

Step 1: Identifying goals and objectives

The process starts with taking a brief from the client that supports the developer to gain insight to make the project successfully.

This support to deliver the quality of explainer video. Clarifying the objective is necessary to produce the relevant work for the business. This considers this in the entire process of development.

Step 2: Crafting the concept

Once the business goal and objectives are defined the next step is to craft the concept in an effective manner that provides the proper explanation of the key business concept.

Through this business switch the stories to present the key message with consideration of targeted audience effectively.

Furthermore, crafting message support for recognizing the concept in the best manner for script crafting.

Step 3: Visuals & Voice Over

Once the proper message is crafted the next step is to add relevant visuals, imagery and color combination that fit with the business key element.

Through this developer maintain the storyboard with the beautiful designs to present the core message.

The aim is to capture the interest of the targeted audience. 

Step 4: Voice over

After creation of the storyboard, the imagery supported with the sound and voice over. This presents the life with premium graphics motions.

This contains the perfect combination to bring the beauty. This contain script, music and animated graphics to make sure that potential audience attracted towards the content.

Step 5:  Final Video

When the developed done with the entire process for creating the video, it leads to developing the best content.

The core message of the business is used to explain the business activities to inspire others.

This presents the best approach to deliver the core message of business among public.

Custom Attributes of explainer animation video

The success of the explainer video is based on the crucial elements that considered the buyer prospect for delivering the message.

Lead generation
To consider the business partners and clients with explainer video
Higher conversion
Improves conversion rates, generating leads and buzz feedback
Simpler to communicate
Presents the complex business practices in a simple and understandable way  
Easy to explain
Present the core product of the brand within seconds
Impression on Market
Support for attracting multiple customers at a time.
Retain Visitor
Applies the power of storytelling to engage the visitor

Benefits of Explainer video for businesses     

The business practices around the globe have been changes significantly through which managing business activates and sustaining its position require a business to implement effort for sustaining it.

Adding explainer video support for increasing customer retention rate and attract new customers to the business.

The main benefits of this presented in the following:  

#1 Optimization on Search Engine 

It became essential for the business to make its presence on the World Wide Web with the development of the website, it becomes crucial for the business to increase visit on site.

The visitor’s number increase on the web with the addition of visual content along with a description.

It has been observed that most of the customers are attracted for understanding business practices.

Therefore, video explainer supports the business to present its core message and operational activities effectively. 

#2 Improves Conversion Rate   

The explainer video is the best approach to increase the visit on a website that increases the chances that the customer watches the entire video.

The video explainer support for increasing sales volume due to the fact that customers are well aware of the company’s product features.

The higher the conversion rate the better it is for business.

#3 Clarify objective of product

Now a days no one read the article or blog because it look like boring. Explainer video is better for explaining function and objective of your product and service.

#4 Generate Increased Interest

Many Business are doing marketing in Social media to gain full traffic world wide.

For that it will create images and vieo to attract people on their service or product.

As per the study 70 percent of user are watching the video online.

#5 Increase rank in google search

As per SEO (Search Engine Optimization) website is rank higher if contain video. Because of only block text and images it difficult to rank. Video contain website get better attention toward the product.

#6 Get traffic from YouTube

If you 10 to 15 better video of your product and service than you can get the targeted audience from YouTube channel.

You can advertise your business video in YouTube.

#7 Audience Retain Information

Any Person can retain 10% of information when it hear.But it can retain 50% if they see anything in video.

If any one like your video than it will share your video to others.
As your video is viral than it become word-of-mouth advertising.

#8 Easily Shareable

Explainer animation video can easily post in video sharing site like YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Twitch, Metacafe.

Any person is more like to share any creative video content with a friend and other than text contents.


This has supported for promoting business on different channels that help business to creatively present ideas among the customers.

This sustained the business for the creation of short and precise animated content of developing collaborating business partners to maximize its returns.

Clearly, explainer animation videos are one the easy way to increase your Rate of investment and make your targeted audience to take actions. 

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