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How to make Electric Water Gun at Home

Hello friends in this blog i show you how to make electric water gun for Holi festival. As all you are know that in india number of festival are celebrate. Holi is a festival of color and love, In this festival kids use normal water gun to throw water to other friends. here we are showing you that how to make electric water gun to throw water at more distance. In this project main parts is water pump and battery. This water pump take the water from bottle and throw water from the outlet nozzle.

Tools to be used:-

  1. Glue Gun
  2. Glue Stick
  3. Cutter
  4. Drill Machine

Material to be used:-

  1. Bottle : 3 Liter
  2. 12V DC mini submersible water pump : 1 Qty
  3. 9V Battery : 1 Qty
  4. PVC Elbow : 1″ diameter , 2 Qty
  5. Switch : 1 Qty
  6. PVC Pipe : 1″
  7. Silicon Pipe : 3 mm
  8. PVC End Cap : 1″ diameter , 4 Qty
  9. PVC Tee : 1″ diameter , 3 Qty

STEP : 1 How to make Electric Water Gun ( Video )

     See above video of electric water gun, so you can easily understand all the step of blog. If you like our video than please subscribe our you tube channel. ( CREATIVITY BUZZ )



cold drink bottle

cold drink bottle

Take one water bottle or any liquid bottle of capacity 3 liter,so we can stored more water color inside bottle and you can enjoy your electric gun for more time.

Now we have to make one hole on bottle cap with the help of drill machine to insert inlet of water pump.


This project is mainly contain PVC. In this blog we use PVC Tee, Pipe, Elbow, Coupling, End cap. All the parts are shown above in images, so you can easily understand.


pvc coupling

pvc coupling pvc coupling

We need to make this project leak proof. so here we put one  coupling of 1″ diameter at the bottle cap. as per image we have to cut this coupling with the help of cutter. stick this  coupling with bottle cap by glue gun, due to this as we rotate coupling bottle cap also rotate.


mini 12 v submersible water pump mini 12 v submersible water pump mini 12 v submersible water pump

Water pump is used for the to take liquid from one place and transfer to other place with high pressure. so pump have to port, one is inlet and other is outlet. Both the port are shown in above images. We use 9 V water pump and their inlet and outlet shown in image.

We stick the inlet of water pump with hole of bottle cap, so we can take water from bottle. And outlet of pump is placed between cut portion of  coupling shown in above images.


pvc gun shape

As per our title water gun, we need to make gun shape with the help of PVC Tee, Pipe, Elbow, Coupling, End cap. See above image and follow step by step process ( or see video ) so you can make shape like a gun.


pvc pipe

To transfer water from inlet to outlet we need silicon pipe of diameter 3 mm. who carry the water and send at high pressure.

First make hole for silicon pipe on T pipe with the help of drill machine. Insert the silicon pipe and take it through end cap. Join the nozzle at the end of silicon pipe so we get high pressure at outlet.

join the silicon pipe with outlet of water pump so we get water from inlet of pump.


pvc pipe , switch pvc pipe , switch, battery pvc pipe , switch

To run the water pump we need 9 V battery. for that we have to make space for that. Insert switch on  pipe hole and insert the battery inside  pipe from other end. close this with the help of end cap.

Take the wire of  pump  through T  pipe and join  with   switch and  battery as per  connection   diagram  shown in a images.


pvc pipe electric water gun

After connection diagram our gun is ready. now remaining is to put bottle at inlet of water pump by rotating bottle. Now our final assembly is ready to throw water at high pressure.


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