How does the Internet Works? explanation step by step

How Internet Works: We use the internet on our computer or phone. But we do not know how this internet is working and we can access it at our home or office. Nowadays we can live without water, food for 3 hours, but without internet not possible for 15 min only. It’s a bad habit for the new generation if they not use internet for specific purposes.

You may get many questions about the internet:-

  • What is the Internet?
  • How does the internet works?
  • Why we get less or more speed of internet?
  • The different operator gives different tariff plan
  • Who is the owner of the internet?
  • How the internet comes to you?

I will clear your all the above confusion in this article step by step with an explanation.

What is the internet?

The internet is a Connect the number of computers using that device IP address and transmits the various type of data to connect the world network. 

The Internet is connecting the different network like academic, organization, private, public, business with the help of Fiber optic and wireless technology.

The Internet is useful in E-mail, Entertainment, E-commerce, Software download, Information, Services, Communities, etc. It also has disadvantages like 

  • Theft of Personal information
  • Bad effects on family conversation
  • Internet addiction
  • Children using the Internet daily
  • Virus threat
  • Spamming

How does the internet works?

All the country is connected by the internet. you may think that internet works by satellite, network but it not. The Internet is work by an Optical fiber cable. Our Mobile phone doesn’t have cable then it takes the signal from the tower and that tower is connected to optical fiber cable.


Submarine Cable laid down in Sea

How the Internet Come to you?

Internet coming to your home before that it will pass through tier company. That company is laid down the optical fiber cable or submarine cable inside the sea all over the world. That will connect the main city of that country only.


Submarine Cable laid down in Sea by worker


This Optical Fibre is having a thickness equal to human hair having a speed up to 100 Gbps in a single wire. This cable laid down by that company is called Tier 1. In India Tier 1 company is TATA Communication. This Company laid down all the wire by his investment. In India landing point of the cable is at Mumbai, Cochin, Trivendrum, Tuticorine, Puducherry, Chennai, at that place internet is distributed to Tier 2. you can check your country landing point by submarine cable map.


Submarine cable map


After Laid down of cable Tier 1 network get the internet free of cost. Only required to do Maintenance of that cable when it is broken down in the sea by a shark, ship or life expired. On 13 January 2008 wire broken in Egypt so 70% of the internet is shut down.

Tier 2 Network will take the internet from tier 1 by pay it and set up in full country by a different tower. Tier 3 like Hathway, tikona will buy data from tier 2 also by paying it.

Why we get less or more speed of internet?

Sometimes we face that internet is running slow or fast in a day or night. It’s because of in some area high rush of people use the internet simultaneously that time tower divides the speed among that users as per bandwidth of tower. So we feel that at night time we get higher speed and daytime get a lower speed.

In the second case when we search “” from India that time server get that data from the USA so it takes some time. if you search local area website like “” than your server does not go outside your country and you get the high speed of surfing.

To make data privacy server must not connect with another country tier 1. Like India doesn’t want to share the data of adhar card with other countries.

How to Find traffic comes from?

If you visit any website then your traffic goes where that you can check it out in your computer

  • Search the “Command prompt” in your computer
  • Write a “tracert”
  • you get a different IP address.
  • To identify the location from where it traffic come by past this IP address in IP location finder


Command prompt

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