How to make Animation Video || Explainer Video maker

To make Animation and Explainer Video maker on your computer is to do fun? Here is the some easy step to make best animation and Explainer Cartoon video.

History of Animation Video

Video animation has been a part of the human world for almost about a century. People have this incomplete knowledge about the animation that Walt Disney was the first to introduce the animated cartoon in 1937.

Whereas it is not the complete truth, as he might be the first one to air the animation on the screen, but there was there is another person who came with the idea twenty years before that.

Quirino Cristiani, an Italian-Argentine cartoonist, was the first who created the animation feature film in 1917 but failed to show it on screen as the film producer’s film studio was caught on fire and burned the only copy of the movie into ashes.

In today’s world, video animation has become one of the significant parts of every industry and has surpassed the limitations of being used only for the entertainment purpose.

Today’s reality is very diverse as the animation videos have been used other than entertainment purposes as well.

We can now spot the utilization of the animation video and Explainer video in

  • Advertisements
  • Lectures of various seminars
  • Business presentations
  • Educational sectors
  • Landing pages of the website

Make Best Animation Video and Explainer video

Although the use of the animation videos has become very ordinary, it still has specific rules, like which type of the animated video to use at particular places.

it is not like you can create any kind of video animation to use anywhere you wish. There are different categories of animations which were introduced to be used at suitable places.

Listed below are some of the most conventional forms of animations that are used at different places to represent different information or knowledge.

Different type of Animation and Explainer Video

  1. Whiteboard Video Animation
  2. 2D Video Animation
  3. 3D Video Animation
  4. Kinetic Typography Animation
  5. Motion Graphics Animation
  6. Animated GIF Logo
  7. Cartoon Animation
  8. Cutout Animation
  9. Digital Cutout Animation
  10. Silhouette Animation
  11. Animated Music Video
  12. Live Action Animation
  13. Stop Motion Animation
  14. Screen Capture

Now we see above all different animation step by step in detail.

1. Whiteboard Video Animation

It is the most common and easy type of animation and has been used commonly for creating awareness among the public.

White Board animation is a 2D animation done in a Black and White.

If any company, brand, or any welfare organization wants to deliver some useful information most interactively and excitingly.

They take whiteboard video animation services from a professional studio and get the perfect whiteboard animated video to impart knowledge to the audience.

Software Used For White Board Animation
Whiteboard Animation
  • Videoscribe
  • Videomakerfx
  • Mysimpleshow
  • Ttruscribe
  • Easysketchpro
  • Rrawshorts
  • Vyond

2. 2D Video Animation

The 2D video animation is the most ordinary kind of video animation, as it has been on the podium of the animation ever since the animated video or feature films have been introduced to the world.

2D Video Animation
2D Video Animation

It is created in the two-dimensional space, which is why the images in the 2D animated videos or movies are nothing but flat figures in the movement.

The use of the 2D animation is at many places; it is used to create the explainer videos, and also the foundation to create the whiteboard animated videos.

2D Animation Software
Moho 2D Animation Software logo

Moho(Anime Studio)

  • If you are looking for Vector Based 2D animation software than its great for you. It can available in two version.
  • One is Anime studio debut and another is Anime studio pro. The second one is to perform the more function than the first one.

Synfig Studio 2D animation Software logo

Synfig Studio

  • It was a Open Source and free Animation software.
  • It is available on Windows, Mac, and Linux so its very versatile program.
  • Its a great resource for making good quality animation with minimum cost.

Adobe Animate 2D Animaton Software logo

Adobe Animate

  • More used in website design, games, video making and application.
  • This was developed by adobe for multimedia program.
  • It can work with Windows and OS X
Pencil 2D Animation Software

Pencil 2D

  • It also same like a synfig studio open source and free 2D animation software.
  • you can make animation very fast and easily. It like a pencil drawing.

3. 3D Video Animation

The 3D video animation is the latest and trendy form of video animation that has somehow suppressed the importance of 2D animated videos in the animation industry.

3D Video Animation
3D Video Animation

Since the images in 2D videos were plain two-dimensional illustrations, in 3D animation everything is created in three-dimensional space that gives the animators an edge to apply depth in the images to give a photorealistic effect.

With the help of the photorealism, the audience takes more interest in the video as compared to the 2D video animation.

They are used popularly in featured movies of big animation film industries like Pixar, DreamWorks, Disney, and many others.

3D Animation Software
Autodesk 3ds Max 3d animation Software logo

Autodesk 3ds Max

  • 3ds max used for making 3d animation, images, games, movies for many professional work.
  • it was developed by autodesk media & Entertainment.
  • operating system is windows 7.
  • More famous in a Video Game Developer and movie maker.

4. Kinetic Typography

Kinetic typography is related to fonts and their representation. Animators use diverse and eye-catching font’s style and various font’s sizes to divert the audience’s attention towards some useful textual information.

Kinetic Typography
Kinetic Typography

Multiple colors are also used to depict the priority and importance of the displayed message.

It is very helpful to convey any valuable instructions for websites, games, software, advertisements, or anywhere else where the urgent information should be communicated to the audience immediately.

5. Motion Graphics

The Motion graphics animations are a very unique and interesting type of video animation that is mostly used for entertainment purpose or to carry promotion plans.

Motion Graphics
Motion Graphics

Most importnaly In this type of the animations, the images or graphical figures are in continuous motion whereas the background or the entire scene is in static form except for the characters or the objects that perform the activities.

6. Animated GIF Logo

A unique and stimulating type of animation has also been introduced that helps the brand to grab the audience’s attention is the GIF logo animation.

In which the logo designs are created in such a way that it animates in a similar pattern to show some movement.

It is undeniably one of the most fascinating and mesmerizing forms of the animation to look at.

7. Cartoon Animation

Is that Cartoon Animation only give fun to kids?

Now a days Many Company is making Cartoon Animation for their advetirsemnt because it will creat a attention to customer.

Kids like to watch Hollywood cartoon movie.

8. Cutout Animation

Cutout animation is also called as Paper cutout Animation

How to do Cutout Animation

In the school student can bored because of he need to think more while class starting. This Cutout animation can useful for thinking very well concept.

In this Small piece of colorful paper taken for video making.

9. Digital Cutout Animation

Digital cutout animation is another easy way to make cutout animation.

Cutout Animation is difficult and time consuming process.

Digital Cutout Animation

10. Silhouette Animation

The Silhouette animation is process of showing any object as Silhouette.

Silhouette is a picture of any animal, people, object showing by any solid shape with black and white color background usually.

11. Animated Music Video

Nowadays many kinds of music come with the animation. In that type of video kinetic typography is mixed with lyrics of the song so viewers can enjoy that music.

Kids like to watch cartoon with music. Its like a broad area of entertainment.

12. Live Action Animation

People are bored with simple type of video. This day speaker make video mixing his live action animation. this make video attractive presentation.

In Live action animation video creator speak something that time in video 2d animation or 3D animaton is present for beeteer visulaiztion.

Live Action Animation

13. Stop Motion Animation

Wallace and Gromit are making the video seems like a stop motion animation. you can see that video on his youtube channel.

In stop motion animation first of all draw the picture of any object manually or digital copy. then take the picture of that object. After this change the position and again repeat that process.

Final stage you have to together all the object position and you ready your stop motion style animation video.

14. Screen Capture

Screen Capture is a best way to make advertisement of your website, Application or any business.

To make advertising on Instagram, Facebook need to make video. For that we capture our phone screen or desktop screen to attract the customer.

10 Fundamental Tips to Create Animated Video or Movie and Explainer video

In order to get these video animations forms to serve their purpose best, it is vital that one should know some basic and handy tips to create the best video animation.

Check out the following tips to be able to develop a spectacular animation.

  1. First of all, understand the requirements of the project with ultimate clarity.
  2. Sketch everything, including the scenes and characters, on the paper first before designing it on the professional software.
  3. Keep redrawing until you are sure that all the movements look spontaneous and unplanned.
  4. Get reviews to ensure that you are on the right track, and accept criticism, as it will help you to improvise the work.
  5. Perform all the activities that you drew on the paper, record your actions, and check if they look appropriate to be included in the video.
  6. Make a wise decision while selecting the right tool or software to create the video animation.
  7. Apply movement psychology while assigning the actions to the characters and other stuff.
  8. Bring in the use of color psychology while harnessing colors in the video.
  9. Apply gravity effects to the objects and characters to give a realistic effect.
  10. Do not form every letter of the speech that the characters verbalize.

I hope you understand above all different method to make video animation and Explainer video.

In Conclusion

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