How to make Arduino Fingerprint Lock at Home

In this Project, we will see how to make Arduino fingerprint lock yourself at home. I give the step by step process to make this Fingerprint lock. This fingerprint sensor endeavor with Arduino could be useful for the attendance system, forensics, criminal identification, personal identification, door security and more.

In the future, there might be many more applications like fingerprint based permits, bank account functioning and so on.

The Fingerprint door lock, as its name implies, is an electronic door lock which may be installed on any access point on your home.

It uses a fingerprint scanner by commanding the electric door strike to give an individual access.

Additionally, I had a way to lock my door from the outside and so that I thought an electric door lock is a fantastic opportunity to over-engineer something and learn a few cool stuff.

This blog will be simple enough to check out so you could learn something and have an apparatus to keep out intruders.

Parts need for Fingerprint Door Lock:-

  • Hot glue gun
  • Marking Pen
  • Electric Drill
  • Screw Driver


Material need for Fingerprint Door Lock:-


The whole system works under a simple algorithm called matching algorithm, which is utilized to compare previously-stored templates of fingerprints against users’ fingerprints.

There is a key used for conventional door opening, however, it also provides very bad security. Inside this fingerprint door unlock project, only if an official person places a finger onto the sensor, the door unlocks and the LCD displays a welcome message along with this particular individual’s name. In this project, we do not use LCD display but you can try it yourself.


Adafruit 751 fingerprint sensor


Adafruit Fingerprint sensor


Secure your endeavor with biometrics – that optical fingerprint detector is likely to create adding confirmation super and fingerprint detection simple. These modules are typically used in safes – there exists a high powered DSP chip which does the image producing, calculation, feature-finding, and hunting.

To buy adafruit sensor link given in the material list. Approx price of the fingerprint sensor is ~50 $.

if you want to know more about sensor than see below video.


Solenoid Door lock 12v

Solenoid Door lock 12v


There is a door lock just actually really a door fastener which opens or illuminates by way of an electromagnetic solenoid. Typically, a door lock’s specific fasten will likely probably be equal to a traditional model that is key-operated.

The big difference between both would be that the addition of a solenoid from the mechanics, and that brings on back the latch in the entranceway if alternative control or a pushbutton is triggered.

The knob will be kept from the door for as long as the switch has been pushed, or, even in the instance of a solenoid until control or the button is triggered. These forms of door locks have been all used indoors and security access.


Arduino UNO R3

you can see the below image for how Arduino UNO r3 is working.

To buy this link given in the material list.


Arduino UNO R3





buy the material list needed in this product. The link is already given in the material list. some material you can buy it from the local shop near to your home.

Cost of material:-

  • Adafruit Fingerprint sensor –  50 $
  • Solenoid Door lock 12v – 18 $
  • Arduino UNO r3-  7 $
  • Wooden Block-  1 $
  • TIP 122 transistor- 1 $
  • 9v battery- 2 $
  • Screw- 0.5 $

Total cost of the project may be approx :-  ~ 80 $



Buy the wooden ply from the local shop and cut it into the square shape with the help of a hacksaw cutter. Here I show that simple idea of the project. you can make this as per your requirements also.







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