How to make your own Biodiesel fuel from used cooking oil at home

Make Biodiesel Fuel: In this blog, I will show you how to make biodiesel fuel from used cooking oil and other vegetable waste at home.

Is it possible to break from using fossil fuel oil?

To be more environmentally friendly and self sufficient by not needing a gas station to fill up your vehicle? Will it work?

There is something called biodiesel, and this is something that can replace the fuel needed for a diesel vehicle. It costs less than $1.50 per a gallon of this home-made fuel.

Biodiesel fuel – What is it?

Biodiesel can made from a variety of plant oils and animal fats. Examples are: canola oil, soybean oil, beef tallow, pork lard, discarded fryer oil from restaurants. It is used to replace diesel fuel and can be used by most diesel vehicles. Because this is a renewable resource, you are helping the environment by not only reducing gas emissions but also it is nontoxic and biodegradable. You can also make it for less than what you would normally pay at the gas station.

Are There Benefits to Using Biodiesel fuel?

There are many great benefits when one uses biodiesel.
Costs less
• Environmentally friendly
• Less toxic
• Less dependent on crude oil
• Supports farmers
• Lasts longer
• Renewable resource

Using Biodiesel

As with other sources of fuel, you simply fill your gas tank up by pouring it in. It can be used straight or as a blend with petro-diesel. However, it is a good idea to be sure to replace the fuel filter before using biodiesel as biodiesel will clean your tank and the lines of your vehicle and there could be chunks that come off. You will also want to change the filter out a couple times a year to be sure to keep it from clogging up.

It is important to note that vehicles that were make before 2007 can use biodiesel that is 100%, however newer vehicles will have to be blended with petro-diesel. Which still helps the environment as you are still using less petro than you would if you had to use straight petro.

If the vehicle was made in 1995 or older you will most likely need to replace rubber fuel lines that may be in the vehicle to be able to handle the biodiesel. They are called synthetic Vitron hoses and made from rubber also, however, made for the use of biodiesel.


Follow the below step to make biodiesel fuel at home easy way.

  1. Purchase vegetable oil waste and pre-treat it (filter it)
  2. Purchase biodiesel processor
  3. Pour vegetable oil into biodiesel processor
  4. Heat oil to 130-135 degrees F
  5. Check titration level – the acidic level of the oil
  6. In a different container – Mix in the required amount of methanol (oil amount X 0.20) and either lye or caustic potash to create methoxide
  7. Pour the newly created solution, methoxide, into the processor and mix for 2-3 hours
  8. Remove from heat
  9. Allow for the separation of the oil – It will separate into the biodiesel and glycerin (approximately 24 hours)
  10. Drain the glycerin layer off
  11. Wash the biodiesel by adding water to the processor to clean out any remaining contaminants
  12. Allow the water and biodiesel to separate
  13. Drain the water off
  14. Transfer the biodiesel to a storage tank to dry
  15. Fill your vehicle

you can make your own motorized bike and electric bike with the help of engine kits. This bike can run by biodiesel fuel also.

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