How to make Electric Bike at home (From Old Bike with DC motor)

I will show you how to make Electric bike at home from an old bike with the help of DC motor easy way to get  40km/hr speed in the inexpensive method. This electric bike is also called an electric bicycle or e-bike. This bike is the battery operated bike. To make this you need to buy an electric bike kit from online. I will show you from where you can buy a cheap electric bike kit to make the best electric bike at home easy way.




Before making electric moped see below video tutorial to understand all the step. In this video, you get a rough idea to make an e-bike at home easy way.  This bike is driven by e-bike battery.

This video is on my youtube channel. if you want to see more video on creative ideas than go to my youtube channel creativity buzz.





The first step is to buy a bicycle from an online or local shop near your area you live in. you can also use the old bike if you have with you. but your bicycle must have some features that listed below.

  • It must don’t have a jumper (Shock absorber) between bicycle frame (if have then you get the problem that I faced)
  • A bicycle must have a carrier at back for fixing DC motor
  • That having Disc brake. so you can stop it without sleep
  • The tyre size must be 26″ for a better result
  • Handle always be straight to good feeling of riding the electric bike




The electric bike is driven by DC motor. This full kit is very costly. before buying this kit you must know some specification of it. I was bought that 24v  250w DC motor electric kit. in the market you can also get 250w or more than a 350w capacity motor. its depend on you that which capacity of motor you required as per your application.

what I use that motor can take a load of 50kg and give speed up to 30-40km/hr (250w 24v dc motor).

I buy this motor from the website that links I will give you. it gives you a very cheap price than others. but only Indian can buy there.


250W Electric bike kit  

350W Electric bike kit 


Electric bike kit contains 11 component that listed below you can refer it with name and image.


Electric Bike Kit

Electric Bike Kit Component list:-

  1.  24V 250W DC motor
  2. Throttle handle
  3. Brake Lever
  4. Charger
  5.  Headlight
  6. Switch & key
  7. Motor controller
  8. Mounting plate with bolts
  9. Freewheel
  10. Chain
  11. 18cm axis

This kit does not contain a battery. you need to buy that separately.




You can buy this battery from an online or local shop. Voltage and Capacity of the battery must be as per the specification of your electric bike kit dc motor.

In this project, I use the Lenovo portable charger of 8 cell having 3.7 v each. so our total voltage is  29.6v.

you can buy Lenovo power bank click here.

Before buy battery for an electric bike:-

  • If a voltage of the bike is higher than your bike is run very quickly and smoothly. you must try that your battery voltage is between 30v to 48v.
  • To ride a more electric bike you need to choose battery capacity higher i.e. more than 10Ah.  If your Ah is higher your battery working longer. 10Ah battery is suitable for the short journey.




This project required seating of DC motor. we make the wooden frame for dc motor and that place at the back carrier of the bicycle.

Follow the step to make the frame

  • Take wooden ply of size 24cm x 16cm (As per size of your bicycle carrier)
  • Make slot of 8cm x 3cm size on wooden for insert chain
  • Put the dc motor on the wooden play and mark 4 holes on it
  • Drill that mark hole of size 8 mm drill
  • Fix the dc motor by a bolt


Frame to create DC Motor




You can buy the battery from an online store or you can make it from a portable charger. I made it from the portable charger get 29.6v.

  • Open the Lenovo portable charger
  • I find 8 cell of 3.7v each
  • Fix that cell in 18650 battery bracket by the series connection
  • We get 3.7v x 8 = 29.6v
  • Fix that bracket in the wooden frame by tap or glue


How to make battery portable charger



Battery Frame



A motor controller is the main parts of an electric bike. it will be working between motor and battery. This controller only allows how much amount of current is pass to the motor. so we have to select a proper controller.

When motor need high current during load condition that time controller is provided from the battery.

This controller contains much port like power supply, throttle, brack, key/switch, motor etc. fix this controller in a wooden frame by a screw.


motor controller for electric bike kit




you can not use your bicycle chain. you need to use chain come with electric bicycle kit. before chain setup fixes all assembly of the motor, battery and motor controller on the bicycle carrier by a zip tie.

follow below step for chain setup:-

  • Open the master link of the chain
  • Insert chain in dc motor and bicycle sprocket
  • Join the chain by master link (it must be little loose)
  • Put the small piece of wood below the full assembly. (chain will tight. it working like chain tensioner)

Read:- How to open/shorten chain without a tool


chain for electric bike set up


chain fitting in bicycle sprocket

wooden piece for chain tension



Accelerator allows you to increase the speed of your bike. when applying accelerator motor controller is pass the more current from the battery.

  • Remove the old handle from bicycle
  • Insert the accelerator bar on the right side of bicycle handle


bicycle throttle fitting



Join all the component ports with the motor controller. you can see the motor controller ports image in step 7. as per that image you can connect the motor, key, battery, throttle, brack etc.

Insert key and start the electric bike. Pull bike from the back and give accelerator than your rear wheel is rotated. Now its time to ride a bike. This bike can give speed up to 30-40 km/hr speed and take a weight of 50 kg.

if you do not understand any step then you can watch the youtube video on my youtube channel creativity buzz. still, you have any doubt than commenting it below


How to make electric bike


Problem i face to make electric bike:-

I made that problem in choosing the proper bicycle. this bicycle has a jumper between the frame. When applying accelerator that time chain comes out of sprocket because of the jumper. it’s a very critical problem for me. I thinking to solve this and i put a wooden piece between frame so jumper will not work for long. I have a suggestion for you that don’t choose a bicycle which has a jumper.


wooden piece in bicycle


Benefit to make Electric Bike:-

  • An electric bike will reduce Air pollution, Noise pollution etc.
  • It will cheaper than Gasoline bike
  • Speed is less than gasoline bike so accident chance is less
  • Running cost and maintenance cost is less
  • No Lubrication required

I hope you like my blog to make electric bike at home.

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