How to make a homemade Hoverboard : 10 Steps (with Pictures)

Do you ever ride in homemade hoverboard? In this Blog, I show you how to make hoverboard at home 10 step process. Make hoverboard for the College project.

Remember those blot planks that everybody hangs around. Today you may build your own electric hoverboard using 12v DC motor, small tire, and household item at home that you can trip.

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“Make Hoverboard”


To make hoverboard find out below material & tool.


Tool Used:-

  1. Screw Driver.
  2. Soldering Iron
  3. Hacksaw Cutter
  4. Electric Drill Machine
  5. Measure Tape
  6. Spanner set
  7. Marking Pen


Material Used:-

  1. 10 rpm DC Motor (12V) – 2 NOS.
  2. Castor Rotating Wheel( 2″ Diameter) – 2 NOS.
  3. Battery-12V from Mi Power Bank. 
  4. Tyre Of Bicycle( Diameter = 8″ ) – 2 NOS.
  5. Wooden Ply 15 mm thick.
  6. Clamp.
  7. Push Switch- 2 NOS.
  8. Connector.
  9. Wood Glue.
  10. Screw and Nut.
  11. PVC Pipe. ( All are 1″ Diameter).
    • “T” Pipe – 4 NOS.
    • Elbow Pipe (90 Degree). – 4 NOS.
    • Straight Pipe- 9 NOS.


Follow the all below step carefully so you can make easily at your home.


Step 1: PVC Frame to make Hoverboard


We need a PVC pipe frame to hold the motor in a tight position. For that, we need 4 Piece of “T” Pipe, 4 Elbow pipe(90 degrees), 4 straight pipes (7cm & 2cm Long).

Join all the piece of PVC alternatively as per video or Pictures, so we get a rectangular shape of the frame. After that drill 4 through hole of size 10mm at the corner of elbow PVC.


pvc pipe to make hoverboard

pvc pipe to make hoverboard


pvc pipe to make hoverboard

Step 2: Wooden Ply


Take the sheets of wooden ply, Convert this ply into the size of 45cm x 20cm with the help of Hacksaw Cutter.

Note that wooden ply must be Light in Weight and carry rider weight without Breaking.


wooden ply


Step 3: Join PVC Frame with wooden ply


To join PVC frame with wooden ply we need to make Four holes on ply. For that put PVC frame on ply and marking the hole through elbow hole with Pen.

Drill this marked hole with the help of 10mm drill bit, Join the PVC frame and wooden ply with the help of Screw and Nut.


wooden ply


wooden ply hole


screw in wooden ply hole


pvc frame and wooden ply


Step 4: Motor


We need 12V DC motor (2 NOS) of rpm is 10. Here choose low rpm motor because at higher rpm hoverboard cannot take the weight of a rider, So keep in mind that motor must be Low rpm and High Torque.

Also, you have to buy only a steel gear motor because the plastic gear motor is broken down. to buy motor click on a link given in material.


12v dc motor

Step 5: Fitting of motor


We need tight fitting of a motor otherwise our motor to disable from an assembly.

We do two type of fitting.

  • With the help of Clamp.
  • With the help of Glue.

First Insert Motor into the “T” PVC Pipe, Fit the clamp with help of Screw and Nut.

In second thing we put glue at the pipe and motor joint, So we get a very tight joint of the motor with PVC frame.


motor in pvc pipe


making hole on wooden ply


clamping of motor



Step 6: Push Switch


We need two Push switch to run tire Separately.

For that make two holes at front of wooden ply, So we can press the push switch by leg thumb easily.


push switch fitting


Step 7: Rotating Wheel


Our Homemade Hoverboard is not Self Balancing, But without balancing rider will fall down.

So to maintain balance two extra 360-degree rotating wheels (2″ diameter) added to front and back of PVC frame.


rotating wheel


Step 8: Bicycle tire


The tire is the main part of hoverboard, Here we are using 8″ diameter of a tire. I got this Tyre from the shop of Kids Bicycle. You can also buy it from Amazon.

Note that the diameter of the shaft hole in the tire is the same as the diameter of the motor shaft, without that we do not get the tight fitting.

In next step insert the tire into the motor shaft, We need very tight joint so we put M-seal at the junction of shaft and tire, This M-seal takes 24 hours for Drying.


tire 8" diameter




Step 9: Wiring Diagram


Here we use 4 cell of 12V connected in series connection. I get this cell From Power-bank.

For wiring, diagram sees the 2D Pictures or YouTube Video, Its very simple wiring diagram.


wiring circuit for hoverboard wiring circuit for hoverboard


Step 10: Watch Video Tutorial

If you do not understand that my blog then you can watch my youtube video. we are upload video based on science fair project and DIY type video on our youtube channel.

Watch how to make hoverboard with the household item.



Now Our Final Project is Complete, Enjoy Your Ride with Homemade Hoverboard.

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