How to make Mini Computer at Home

How to make Mini Computer at Home: In this blog, I show you how you build your own computer at home easy way with images step by step process. This blog helps you to complete the dream of Narendra Modi ( Indian President). This Project is part of Digital India. If a student makes this project at home than it was a very good improvement to the student.

This Mini PC can make any science student. This project of Mini Computer utilizes Raspberry Pi, Display, and Keyboard.

I already put the video tutorial of homemade Computer on my youtube channel(Creativitybuzz). Here I post many videos based on science fair project video in tube channel. for the regular update, you can subscribe my youtube channel.


Material need for make mini Laptop:-



To make this project successful you need to buy the above material. I give gear best link and except that you can buy it from the local shop. approx cost of this project is 150$.  so we can call that this mini computer is under 150$.

if you plan to make the laptop that I made mini laptop project…

I made this computer in different easy step with images. follow carefully below step.


STEP:1 7 inch IPS LCD Display


You can buy the 7-inch display from Amazon or Gearbest website. you get this very cheap price from Gearbest only I already given the link in material list check it out.

you get RGB LCD Hat with this display. this will connect with raspberry Pi 3

This LCD display can work with Raspbian, Ubuntu, OSMC, etc.

This screen is 1024 x 600 high resolution.


7 inch LCD display for Mini computer


STEP:2  Make Mini Computer Monitor Layout


To make mini computer it monitors looks must be looking like a computer. So here we first make monitor layout with the help of cardboard sheet. buy the cardboard from a stationary shop.

Cut this cardboard in square size as per the size of your display you buy. otherwise display not fit exactly.

Here I use the size is 17cm x 10cm.

Follow below step:-

  • mark the cardboard sheet 17cm x 10cm
  • cut this square with the help of a cutter
  • put the border at the corner of square sheet (4 side corner )
  • insert the display in the square box
  • stick this display by glue ( i use fevikwik )


Cardboard box to make mini computer at home

STEP:3 Acrylic Stand


We need to make stand for the monitor. after think more and decide to make monitor stand from acrylic sheet.

buy the acrylic sheet and cut it into small to piece as per below image. join this two-piece in “T” shape with the help of glue.


Acrylic stand for Mini Computer monitor

STEP:4 Monitor for Mini Computer


Joint this acrylic stand with monitor box with the help of two-sided tape. Here you get exact looking of a big computer in small size pc.

if you not like my design then you can make as per your idea. only we need creativity, right?


Monitor for Mini Computer



STEP:5 Raspberry Pi Model 3 B


Raspberry Pi Model 3 B is a having very high speed than other Raspberry Pi.  it can work with raspberry pi 1 and 2. it had micro USB connector for 2.5A power supply.

To buy this link given in the material list.

if you are a beginner for raspberry pi than see blow images is for you. image shows that all the detail of Port with the name.


Raspberry Pi 3 for Mini Computer



STEP:6 Operating System


To start a computer we need to install OS. The option of the operating-system totally depends upon the sort of job that you do. I desired the purposes of a Desk-top Therefore I proceeded with Raspbian Pi OS. Additional are to be considered.

If you want to install the OS than read here.


STEP:7 Connection Circuit for Computer


This Mini PC having a very easy circuit diagram. you can follow the below step to make it out.

  • Connect the one end of RGB LCD hat with display
  • another end of RGB LCD hat connect with Raspberry Pi 3 with the help of the connector
  • Insert the OS installed a memory card in HDMI Port
  • Connect the power bank data cable in the power port of Raspberry Pi


STEP:8 Video Tutorial


If you do not understand my blog then please see mine below video tutorials. I was showing that carefully all the step in this video.



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