How to make Power Bank for Mobile Portable charger with 9v battery at home

HOW TO MAKE Power Bank

How to make Power Bank? –  Power Bank is used for the Portable charger of mobile. In this blog, you learn how to make power bank easy with 9v Battery. I also show you a power bank circuit diagram. you can also make power bank with the help of a rechargeable battery.


For Emergency, we need to make Power Bank at home. To make Power Bank is a very good idea for the science student. Power Bank is required when we out of a home or that place we do not get ac Charger adapter. This Power Bank is Provide DC Power to Mobile Phone with the help of 9V Battery.


How to make Power Bank?


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Tools we used:-

  1. Soldering iron
  2. Hot Glue Gun
  3. Soldering Wire
  4. Screw Driver
  5. Cutter


Material used:-

  1. LM7805 Voltage Regulator
  2. 9v Battery
  3. OTG Data Cable
  4. 370 Ω resistance
  5. Connector
  6. Tic-tac empty box


STEP: 1 BUY LM7805 VOLTAGE REGULATORLM7805 Voltage Regulator for make power bank


Pinout Diagram of LM7805 shown in above image. you can buy it from Amazon.

LM7805 is regulating voltage to give 5v at the output pin.

LM7805 Contain 3 Pin.

Pin:1-   Input Pin        This Pin gets 9v from Battery and regulate this voltage to 5v at the output pin.

Pin:2-  Ground Pin    Make ground for the regulator.

Pin:3-  Output Pin      Receive Regulated voltage i.e. 5v.




Find one OTG Cable for Connecting Phone to Battery.


usb cable for make power bank

If you cut end part of OTG Cable you get 4 Wire.

1. Red–        USB Vcc (+5v)

2. Green–   USB Data+

3. White–   USB Data-

4. Black–    GND






Above Picture show, circuit diagram to make power bank. Join the 9v battery, LM7805 Voltage regulator, 370 Ω resistor and OTG cable with the help of Connector pin and soldering.






Insert this full circuit inside an empty box of the tic-tac. if you have any problem to assemble than see above youtube video. Now its time to check that our power bank is working or not?

I hope you also try this project at your home. if you have any query than comment it.


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