How to make Remote Control Car at home (Electric Project)

In this blog, I show you how to make a Simple Remote Control Car at Home. This car is controlled by a remote attached to a car through an electric wire. This Project is very useful to who wants to make an Electrical project for the science fair. before starting a blog read below difference.

What is a difference between a remote control car and radio control car?

  • Remote control car: is controlled by remote attached to the car by an electric wire.
  • Radio Control car: is controlled by transmitter or remote by sending radio waves to a receiver. (No Electric Cable)
  • There are four main Parts in Radio control car
  1. Transmitter
  2. Receiver
  3. Motor
  4. Power Source

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How to make Remote Control Car?

Tools to be used:-

  1. Soldering Iron
  2. Hot Glue Gun
  3. Mini Hand Hacksaw
  4. Cutter

Material to be used:-

  1. Small Tyre (4 qty)
  2. 12V DC Motor (3 qty)
  3. 9V Battery (1 qty)
  4. Push Switch (2 qty)
  5. “T” Shape PVC Pipe –  1″ size (2 qty)
  6. Marking Pen
  7. Pencil


Here, we are making remote control car has a Front-wheel drive. so no need of DC motor at the rear side of the wheel. This type of drive is very useful during climbing off road and when need more torque.

To make the rear axle we use a marker pen to make the shaft for a wheel. After that, we stick two Bottle cape at both the end of Marker pen with the help of hot glue gun.

axle for remote control car

Now we insert a pencil into the axle. After this, we stick two tires into pencil and stick it with the help of hot glue gun. Keep in mind that pencil must be tight feet with the tire so it can not slip inside the tire.

rear wheel drive for remote control car


Our project is based on front wheel drive so we need to put a motor on both the front wheel. here we also use a third motor, it is for make a stunt so it looks like amazing for kids.

Follow the below step to make Front-wheel Drive.

  • Make one small opening for motor wire in “T” section PVC Pipe-1″. (buy from hardware shop)
  • Insert one DC motor from top Side & Stick with a pipe by using the hot glue gun
  • Insert two DC motor from Side & Stick with a pipe by using the hot glue gun
  • Join the bottle cape with the shaft of the upper motor by glue gun
  • Attach two tires with two side motor

t section pvc pipe for remote control car

DC Motor and pvc pipe for remote control car

DC motor and PvC Pipe for remote control car

bottle cape for remote control car

front wheel drive for for remote control car


For Car remote, we use the two Push switch so that control two motors separately. Attach both switches with the simple box and connect wire as per our youtube video.

remote control for remote control car


After Joining Front-wheel Drive and Rear Wheel Drive you can enjoy your car by Remote. If you Like Our Project than please share with your friends.

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