How to make Vacuum Cleaner at home : 10 Step (with picture)

To make Vacuum Cleaner Science Project step by step at home using plastic bottle is a great idea for DIY science project presentation. I will show you a video tutorial to build your own vacuum cleaner. The vacuum cleaner is used for the sucked dust from flooring, furniture, table, window curtain etc.


In this blog, I will show you to make vacuum cleaner at home easy way step by step with picture and video tutorial.  the main parts of the vacuum cleaner are DC motor and fan blade design. I made this vacuum cleaner from waste plastic bottle and cane of cold drink bottle. The performance of vacuum cleaner is decided by the size of the motor.

The capacity of a vacuum cleaner can be measured by several parameters:-

  • Airflow (l/s)
  • Airspeed (m/s)
  • Suction (Pa)
  • Vacuum (Pa)
  • Weight (kg)
  • Noise (dB)
  • Power Cord Length

What is the working Principle of Vacuum Cleaner?

A Vacuum cleaner works just like taking a sip of juice from a straw.  As you suck the air out, juice from the glass takes it place. it is because you are making a space of empty matter with your mouth. Since the matter has a tendency to occupy space, the juice will flow upward and into your mouth as long as you continue to suck.

Now apply this theory to a vacuum cleaner. A vacuum cleaner has a motor inside it that does the same job as your mouth. The fan of the motor make a vacuum and start to suck in air through the suction nozzle at the end of a pipe. Any dust that comes within range of the suction of the nozzle gets comes into the pipe and is collected in a dust collection bag.

Types of Vacuum Cleaner

There is a different type of Vacuum Cleaner available as per design, configurations, technologies in the market.

  1. Upright
  2. Canister
  3. Drum
  4. Wet/dry
  5. Pneumatic
  6. Backpack
  7. Hand-held
  8. Cyclonic
  9. Robotic
  10. Central

In this blog, I will show you how to make hand-held type vacuum cleaner at home. Watch the below video and follow my instruction step by step.

I hope you like above video to make powerful vacuum cleaner at home using the plastic bottle. if you have any queries regarding material list and why I do something than reading a below step.


The first step is to gather all the material required to make a DIY easy vacuum cleaner.

Material Required to make Vacuum Cleaner:-

  1. Plastic bottle (1.25 liter)
  2. DC motor
  3. 5000 Mah Powerbank
  4. Aluminium Sheet (9 x 9 x 0.1 cm)
  5. Small pipe
  6. Cardboard sheet
  7. Switch
  8. A piece of net Fabric
  9. Plastic Handle

Tool Required:-

  1. Glue Gun
  2. Scissor
  3. Soldering Iron
  4. Cutter
  5. Two-sided Tap
  6. Marking Pen
  7. Compass Box
  8. Fevistick
  9. Scale
  10. Pencil

you can buy some parts from online website and other parts can get them from the local stationery shop.


Plastic Bottle is a container for dust. All the parts like a motor, filter, battery are fitted inside the bottle. I take that one empty drink bottle and cut that bottle at the edge of the bottle as per below image.


  • Let us make the fan now shall we? Simply take the Aluminium sheet you obtained from the deodorant bottle. Just take the above-cut plastic bottle and put above the sheet. Sketch around the open circumference of the bottle with a marker pen. Now cut the marked piece out of the aluminum sheet to make a wonderful round disc.
  • Take your steel ruler and draw four sets of vertical lines to split the round disc into eight equal parts meeting at the center of the disc.
  • Make a hole at the center of a round disc with the help of hammer and nail.
  • Leave a small space from the hole. This can produce eight”wings” linked by a small segment of the disc.
  • Cut this all wing with the help of Scissor.
  • Now twist the wings at exactly the identical direction to create your own fan blades! It should appear something similar to this.

you can also use this online ruler for marking Line on aluminium sheet

vacuum cleaner fan


  • Take a 12 DC Motor from the online shop or local stationary shop
  • Make a hole for motor wire in Plastic bottle cap
  • Attach this bottle cap behind the motor with the help of the glue gun
  • Put the fan blade on the shaft of the motor and Fixing it by glue gun so it will good strength
  • Assembly of the fan blade and motor is ready to rotate


Make a small hole at the bottom of the plastic bottle with the help of a heated edge of soldering iron or drill machine. This all small are help to escape exhaust air. Without this hole, our vacuum cannot generate and our vacuum cleaner will not work.

Hole on plastic bottle by soldering iron


  • Insert the glue behind the plastic bottle cap
  • Insert this assembly at bottom of the bottle and stick with them by pressing
  • Take the wire of motor from the small hole already made
Attach fan assembly to bottle

you can also make round cut out (recess) from bottle to place a motor and fan assembly.


We need filter medium to collect the dust in bottle. This filter is a pieace of net fabric or any cloth you can use.

  • Take a 2 small piece of the cardboard sheet
  • Draw the two circle with the help of a compass with a big diameter is equal to the inner diameter of a plastic bottle
  • Now cut this Circle with the help of a cutter and you get hollow cardboard ring
  • Stick the fabric between the cardboard sheet ring by glue
  • Attach the two-sided tap on the top of the trim plastic bottle
  • Put this Filter assembly on to this two-sided tap
net fabric for filter making

After the filter assembly all the collected dust particle are stored above the net fabric. After collection of dust you can empty the bottle by open it easily by rotate it.


Suction pipe is the main design of vacuum cleaner. If the Suction pipe you made very long than it can not suck the dust inside it. So pipe must be average size. If you want long pipe than you need to put bigger motor to create high suction inside the bottle.

  • Take the pipe having diameter equal to diameter of bottle top
  • Make the nozzle from any cutting of top of plastic box (e.g. vaseline box)
Suction pipe for Vacuum cleaner

Nozzle will having differant area at entry and exit. Due to less area at exit it will creat great suction inside the bottle.


Now our project all most done. Only remaining is rotate the motor. here we also put starting and off system by putting switch above the bottle.

The power source will run the 12 v DC motor. Here we use the power from old power bank. you can buy your own battery if you don’t have a power bank.

  • Take 5000 mah power bank
  • Open the case of the power bank and you get four cell
  • Join this cell by tap
  • Attach the switch on top of the bottle by making the hole for the switch by soldering iron or cutter
  • Connect the cell and switch as per the video circuit diagram
Power Source for Vacuum cleaner


Take the handle from extra door and attach it above the bottle of plastic. So you can easily work with your diy vacuum cleaner at home.


DIY Vacuum cleaner Practical Experiment

Now our homemade vacuum cleaner is ready clean your home and office. Start the switch and fan is rotate. take vacuum cleaner near to dust and your dust collected in a plastic bottle. After complete filling of bottle you can open the above part of bottle and throw it in dustbin.

Vacuums such as this are not hard to maintain; you don’t have to change filters, bags, fix them nor do they utilize water. All you have to do is eliminate the dirt and possibly dry it. It does not require to much power and it’s simple to carry on the side that usually means you are free to use it to wash kitchen, garden, floor, carpeting and different parts of your property.

But, among the greatest things is the fact that it doesn’t cost much money. Nowadays, appliances are so expensive and spend as much energy. People order products which work briefly and barely address the issue.

Take into account that this tool is not perfect, but at least you can throw this one in any moment without feeling sorrow.

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Note:- if your vacuum cleaner does not suck the dust inside it than you can reverse the rotation of fan by reverse the connection of cell with a motor. This problem I also face when i was made it.

If you have any problem than comment it below. i will reply you fast asap.

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