How to print your photo on coffee mugs at home with picture

You ever print photo on mugs at home? If not than you can follow the step to print your own photo on coffee mugs with the help of Electric Iron at home.

Reading this blog you can give birthday mugs with photo of your friend to as a gift. This blog is regarding print mugs by sublimation print with the help of iron.

But if you are looking for start a mug printing business than you need to buy machine. At home you can print photo on T-Shirt, Shirt and Mobile cover also.

Print Photo on mug

you can print photo on mugs with the help of different method.

  1. Electric Iron
  2. Heat Press
  3. Online Order

Photo print on mugs by Electric Iron

Using Electric iron “print photo on mugs” is a DIY Photo mugs ( Do it yourself method) at home.

There are different material and tool required for this method listed below.

Follow the below step to print photo on mugs.

Step: 1 Select Mugs

Different type of color available in the market near to your home. you can choose any ceramic mugs color you like it. but color must be chosen based on which type of photo you print on mugs. if the color of the picture and mugs is the same than it will not give good look to your mug.

I use the white color ceramic mugs for tutorial.

Ceramic Mugs for Photo print on mugs

Step: 2 Select Picture

To print your photo on the mug you have to select the right sized picture. photo must be having good resolution otherwise you not get good quality of printing on paper.

Step: 3 Print Photo on paper

After selecting the picture you need to print a photo on paper. but the paper is not simple xerox paper. The paper here I use is “sublimation paper”.

This paper is allowed image transfer on to any hard surfaces. this paper is also called as “transfer paper” or “decal paper”

I print the my favorite youtuber image on sublimation paper.

Print photo on sublimation paper
Sublimation paper Printing

Step: 4 Attach picture on mug surface

Now its time to fix the image on mug surface. you can fix image single side or wrapped around mug also. that depended on your image.

Clean the surface of mug so moisture or dust can remove. Put the image on the mug and fix it with the help of tap. be sure that paper was not shifted while process.

Attach picture on mug surface
Attach picture on mug surface

Step: 5 Heating the mug surface

After putting the picture on mug surface you have to heat the surface of paper with the help of electric iron.

Continue this process for 2-3 min so that picture is transferred on mug surface from sublimation paper.

Heating the surface of mug by electric iron

Step: 6 Clean the surface of mug

Remove the transfer paper from mug. and you will get that your picture print on mug surface.

Clean the surface of mug so your picture is seen clearly and paper small piece can remove from mug surface.

you can see below image how the photo is print on coffee mug surface.

Print photo on mugs

Step: 7 Photo print on mugs : Video Tutorial

I also made that video on how to print your photo on coffee mug surface. i upload that video on my youtube channel creativitybuzz. if you like my work than subscribe my youtube channel.

Link of photo print on the mug is given below. you can watch it all the step there.

Photo print on mugs surface

Photo print on mugs by Heat Press

This Process of making photo print on mugs is for business. In this method only you have to buy heat press machine instead of electric iron.

This method gives you very fast,good quality and durable printing of photo on mugs surface.

In this process, up-to 4 step is the same. to heat the surface of mug we need heat press machine.

Mug heat press machine
Mug Heat Press Machine

This machine having price of around 120$. you can also buy it from Amazon.

In this machine, inkjet printers are required. Paper is sublimation with sublimation ink to create a photo on paper.

Nowadays many people are earning money only print photo on mugs surface. that get orders from studio shop, online order, stationery shop.

Photo print on mugs by online order

Many Website are available for printing photo on mug.

you can search on google “photo print on mugs online”. you can find out many website as per your country. you get those website whose ship this mug to your country.

There are different process involve in online order. you can follow below step to do easy online order.

#1 Find best printing online service

There are many online website available for printing photo on mugs. All of them are giving you a different price and different quality work.

Choose that website after compare quality and price with the other website.

#2 Find Picture to be Print

Select the picture that was you have to print on mug surface. Picture was the additional requirement to upload.

When you upload a picture it will create preview for you how the mug look like after printing.

#3 Login and Choose mug

After selecting best website and picture you have to make account on that website by entering name, email id etc.

Login that website and go to the mug category. you will find that different color of mug, different design. Choose the best mug as per your requirement.

#4 upload your picture

After choosing the color of mug you need to upload a picture by clicking on the upload button. When the upload is done you get that different preview with a different design. Select the one design from them.

#5 Place the order

When your mug is ready you can place your order. Now Company will make your mug and shipping you at your home address.

I hope you understand from above step to placed order of personalized mug.

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