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WATER PUMP for science fair project ideas

How to make Powerful Water Pump for School Project at Home

Making of Small Powerful Water Pump School Project is a creative idea for a School and Science Fair project. Water Pump is Increase Pressure of Incoming water. Human Heart also Working Like Pump. In this blog, I show you step by step process to build a small Powerful water pump

how to make mini laptop , mini laptop

How to make Mini Laptop at Home || Science fair Project

In this blog I will show you How to make Mini Laptop at home  using Raspberry Pi. This mini laptop has 1 GB RAM, Quad core CPU, 4 USB Ports and One Ethernet port. This mini laptop is very useful for student and also different software working like MS-Office, VLC, Mozilla Firefox, Arduino IDE,


How to make Homework Writing machine | CNC machine

HOW TO MAKE HOMEWORK WRITING MACHINE Homework writing machine is automatic writing machine use for the typing any type of text and drawing any design on paper. Homework writing machine is working like a CNC machine. This Machine is working on 3 axis (X, Y, Z).  This three axis motion is

Electric water Gun

How to make Electric Water Gun at Home | Holi Special

How to make Electric Water Gun at Home Hello friends in this blog i show you how to make electric water gun for Holi festival. As all you are know that in india number of festival are celebrate. Holi is a festival of color and love, In this festival kids

t shirt printing

How to Print your photo on T-shirt at home || DIY Project ||

How to Print your photo on T-shirt at home | DIY Project Hello , Friends in this blog i show you how to print your photo on T-Shirt at home. You can print any photos in your T-shirt. We  can  make  same t  shirt  for group , party , or

plastic bag sealer machine

How to make Plastic Bag Sealer Machine | Science Fair Project

Plastic Bag Sealer machine is used for the vacuum sealing of the plastic bag. It’s mostly used for the Packaging and store the product. We can use this project as a Science fair project. This machine  is worked  by the Electrical Energy, here we use the 9v Battery to heat 

ice-cream vending machine

How to make Ice-cream Vending Machine Homemade | Science Project

Hello  Friends today I show you how to make ice-cream vending machine at home. Its very amazing science fair project for student. In this Science Project we use air pump to transfer ice-cream from one place to other place.Vending machine is give automatically item such as Drink,Alcohol,ice-cream to the customer  when payment is